Naomi Living

Welcome to Naomi Living

I am so glad you are here because it means you’re as passionate about setting and exceeding your goals as I am!

Here at Naomi Living, the guiding principle is that everyone should live a life they create rather than one that they passively experience.

My coaching services are designed to make deep, impactful changes in your life, helping you to lead the life you deserve!

Let me ask, have you ever had a goal to change an aspect of your life but did not feel ready to share this goal with a friend or family member? Then, some of your passion about your goal is tempered because you feel that you will not hold yourself accountable or you know without an external resource you are less likely to continue on the path towards your goal when times get tough?

What if I told you that’s where I come in? I am in your corner! As your coach, I will help to support and challenge you along the way. We will have individualized, one-on-one calls where you will share your goals, passions, motivations, and obstacles. We then work together towards your goals and begin the journey towards living your life by design. I look forward to working with you - Holly, Founder of Naomi Living