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20 Minute Introductory Session

    • If you are interested in speaking directly with Holly about one on one coaching or an upcoming group event, click here to schedule.

30 Minute Follow Up Session

    • If you have attended a group session and are booking your one on one follow up session, click here to schedule.

60 Minute Coaching Session

    • If you are a one on one client and need to book an upcoming session, click here to schedule.

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Upcoming Events

Women & Wellness

Fall Session

There are many facets of wellness beyond the most commonly addressed components of physical wellness - exercise and nutrition. Are you interested in learning more about wellness? Are you looking to meet a group of women focused on their personal and professional goals while balancing other aspects of their life? Are you ready to make an investment into yourself and your future? Join us for the Fall Session of Women & Wellness!

The Fall Session of Women and Wellness begins Wednesday, September 15th. If you are interested in more information please email or book an introductory session here .