Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which coach is right for me?

When you are searching for a coach, there are many options to choose from - coaches who specialize in various aspects of life and business. I am not only a coach but a consultant, facilitator, and trusted advisor to high-level leaders and their teams. I specialize in helping CEOs and company presidents define their vision, document and implement their processes, and build trusting teams. I also work with middle managers on becoming the best leader they can be as they have a unique position of being between the senior and junior levels within their organizations.

How is a coach different than a therapist?

Therapists are clinicians who have attended accredited schools and passed rigorous board exams. Often, therapists help with issues that have already occurred such as a physical injury or emotional trauma, whereas coaches work with clients to forge a path toward the future they desire. Coaches do not need to be certified or licensed to work with clients. I have educational experience earning a Bachelors of Health Science with a minor in Psychology and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy as well as professional experience working eight years as a clinician and over five years of managing my own teams. I am prepared to work with you and your teams on accomplishing your goals.

What is the meaning of the company’s name?

When searching for a business name, I wanted to encapsulate living a beautiful life by design through deep coaching conversations. The historical meaning of Naomi includes “beautiful”, and the modern day meaning includes “someone who is trustworthy, intelligent, advisor, honest, intuitive, loyal, hard working, and compassionate”. After finding these two meanings of Naomi, I knew it perfectly reflected the life I aim to coach my clients to live as well as the characteristics that I offers as a coach.