Here's What Naomi Living Clients are Saying

"The Women & Wellness group has consistently been a bright spot in my week! It’s an amazing chance to invest in yourself by connecting with an incredible group of women that openly share their challenges, successes and personal thoughts about wellness in all aspects of their lives! I’d highly recommend this group to anyone that’s striving to be the best version of themselves, and wants to be more intentional about their goals.

Holly does an incredible job leading the group through powerful, insightful and fun discussions. She is incredibly skilled in supporting each member as they reflect on and share their own personal wellness journey.

I’d never tried group coaching before—it seemed like a big leap to explore these topics with a group of women that I didn’t know—but it’s been such an incredible way to learn about different perspectives and how other women like me are dealing with similar challenges. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective! Holly cultivates a psychologically safe and supportive environment, where everyone feels comfortable sharing and provides really thoughtful insight and encouragement. Highly recommend!

After the past 18 months in the pandemic, I wasn’t feeling great about anything related to my “wellness” but this course was the perfect way to assess my new “normal” and rethink my wellness priorities. For anyone that keeps telling themselves that they are going to start investing in their own well-being or health, this is the perfect place to start. Holly has created an incredible curriculum that walks you through all the wellness basics and helps you identify the places you want to focus—in a fun and supportive environment. It’s only 2 hours each week (you have the time!) but has a powerful impact on your mindset and how you approach your goals!

This program attracts the most empowering group of women! Everyone is so motivated, kind, and insightful. I am so grateful to have had the chance to get to know and learn from these incredible people—and thrilled to have them as part of my network (both personally and professionally!) If you’re looking to build your support system, this is an incredible place to start."

- Molly, Women and Wellness 2021 Member

"I highly recommend Holly’s Women and Wellness group sessions for any women looking to jumpstart or recharge their overall well-being. It has been such a positive addition to my self-care routine socially, emotionally, and physically! The weekly sessions have helped me recalibrate aspects of my wellness that needed some TLC, and the group discussions were beneficial to hear other’s experiences/strategies to meet personal goals. Holly skillfully guides, mediates, and supports her participants in a way that encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Do yourself a favor by enrolling in this course to intentionally put your health and wellness first, and let Holly help you meet your personal goals to be your best self…you’re more than worth it!"

- Rachel, Women and Wellness Summer 2021 Member